Affordability MODE

I was born with a hammer in my hand
My Father was a craftsman, a cabinet maker

"Son - Use the tools you have to the best of your ability" Bill Schoonover

Real Estate is a tool and like a hammer it can help you or hurt you

You decide
We did not have money growing up
My father never owned a home in his name EVER
However, he gave me the tools to become what I am today

Real Estate can be your absolute best financial tool
Build equity
Build financial independence

Use equity, build it - much like you build a cabinet
Start from the bottom - The base
Do NOT "Save up" - Use other people's money - "Build Up"

"I'm trying to save for a down payment" - Not a homeowner
Get your foot in the door
"I'm using other people's money as a tool to build my wealth" -Homeowner

Let me guide you with over 17 years experience and plenty of wealth building success stories

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