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Lower Downtown or LODO as it's commonly called. Lower Downtown is quite the urban success story. The transformation of LoDO really began to take hold with the development of the Ballpark. The idea of re-purposing old warehouses into once again functional buildings has really helped keep the character of downtown and keeping the area vibrant and bustling.
Then of course you have Union Station and the total redevelopment of that building. It's absolutely gorgeous and once inside it really takes you back to the days when we relied on mass transit. I'm pretty sure it won't be in my lifetime, however, I do see a future where personally owned vehicles will be become much much less prevalent than they are today. There will be a time in the not so far future where we will look back on the "mega-highways" with six and eight lanes going each way and shake our heads, what in the heck were we thinking?
My guess is that our future will be hyper-loops, self driven electric cars, or perhaps a power source that so far we have not created.
Regardless of what the future holds, if you like urban living, you enjoy walking out of your door and into an number of local pubs or restaurants. If you like the idea of being just steps from the now available public transportation.
I think LODO is worth your time. Right now there are a multitude of options in the lower downtown area and there are more development in the works. In fact the Elitches Gardens has been slated to move and there are plans in the works to create a beautiful multi faceted water front development in that location. The entire lower downtown area will be transform as a result. You couple that project along with the plans just south of the Bronco's Stadium in the Sun Valley area and the Platte River area will be completely re-imagined. Right now you'll find Lofts for sale in LODO. If you are looking for sweeping mountain views look to one of the many modern tower condo buildings with beautifully appointed LODO Condo's for sale.

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