La Alma - Lincoln Park

La Alma - Lincoln Park - When one is considering a place to call home, There are many factors that go into that imperfect formula. For some, it's homes for sale near great schools for their children, while other's may want to be spread out from others then there are those who want to be close to the hustle and bustle. Many want to find homes for sale near public transportation.

You may wonder why the city council back in 2003 voted to change the name of this neighborhood from "Lincoln Park" to "La Alma - Lincoln Park" So why "La Alma" Lincoln Park?
The Lincoln Park neighborhood has a rich Latin history which dates likely back to the 1800's when Denver was growing into the city it is today. However, in the 50's and 60's Lincoln Park was lucky enough to have caring citizens who embraced our heritage and our culture. There were then, and continue to be today, community services for those who need assistance, support for our seniors and in the 1960's we had La Academia a school for at risk youth. This tradition of caring for others is still alive and well.
So back in 2003 - Many civic leaders and concerned citizens worked so hard to honor and preserve the soul of Lincoln Park, that is exactly what the community accomplished "The Soul" as "La Alma" is translated from Spanish.

Around this same time in 2003 La Alma - Lincoln Park had more to offer and more residents who embraced the neighborhood and to celebrate, elevate and and capture the essence of the community the "Arts District on Santa Fe" was created.
A non-profit 501-C Membership organization and one of the first certified Creative districts in the state of Colorado. Today there are countless creative venues and special events throughout the district. International food, fashion, art and culture.

Denver is changing, the growth of our economy is both a blessing and curse. The blessings come from more development, more opportunity and more growth. La Alma - Lincoln Park also struggles with the delicate balancing act of Progress vs. progressiveness. How do we work to ensure everyone who wants to come along in the progress are empowered to do so. How do we provide for those who need extra assistance? Where do we build quality yet affordable housing. Where do we find space for those who are aspiring to be in the middle class? How do we pull those up who have fallen through the safety nets?

La Alma - Lincoln Park and the residents who love this community are working to ensure the neighborhood addresses these very important issues of the day. These are on-going and through their efforts you see the transformation in action. There are affordable housing units near Lincoln park, there are artists lofts for sale along Santa Fe, and there are more townhouses for sale being built which are deed restricted homes for sale to help medical professionals, artists, teachers and others who are in those middle income brackets to be afforded the opportunity of home ownership. There are also market rate homes being built as well as million dollar homes and mixed use spaces of retail and residential.

One of the the recent community events I attended where the speaker said "It takes a village" and that spirit is strong, it does take all of us.

La Alma - Lincoln Park continues to be a model for which other communities can aspire to. A neighborhood where everyone is welcome.
There are not just affordable housing, there are not just million dollar homes for sale but there is a place for everyone who is willing to put in the effort.

This is my neighborhood and I'm proud to call La Alma - Lincoln Park home.

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