Welcome to RiNo
Denver's River North Arts District

If you have not been to the River North Arts District lately, you may be in for a bit of a culture shock. Gone are the dusty old empty railroad tracks and graffiti riddled train cars. I mean don't get me wrong that grit and that love for street art and free form are still prevalent.
However, the street art has morphed into much more mainstream, the buildings you see are many of which were commissioned by the property owner and created by the local artists. It makes me think of when I spent time in Miami and Alec Monopoly in the Wynwood Arts District, being a prominent street artist who has grown and his artwork is now very collectible.
Denver, too has some amazing artists as well. One artist in particular, Bimmer Torres, and his focus on community, being engaged, collective power and awareness all exude from his works. One Mural happens to be just a few blocks from my home where I live in La Alma - Lincoln Park near 4th and Galapago.
You can join the fun every September at the CRUSH Street art festival which takes on a life of it's own that entire week leading up to the weekend's festivities. In fact year round, many take their own walking tour through the neighborhood taking pictures of the many amazing works throughout RiNo.
There is no denying the fact that RiNo has transformed. With all the redevelopment and the investments made, has brought with it an incredible nightlife scene with more bars, distilleries, eateries than I care to name off. However, it's also turned to very expensive multi-unit townhouses, lofts, flats and condos for sale that most artists could not afford to live in the area. This creates a vacuum, where we love the street art and the character that comes with it. Our creatives also need to be able to live in the city they love so much and work so hard to make a better place for us all. It's not easy to find Denver Lofts for sale near RiNo and when you do they are likely over 500,000.
There are a couple other areas in Denver for art lovers, one of the longest standing and growing every year is located right in my neighborhood "The Arts District on Santa Fe" located within La Alma - Lincoln Park and the newest district which are finding their own way along W. Colfax with the 40 West Arts District. There are not many houses for sale in RiNo. Most have given way to more dense living with
townhomes for sale in RiNo.

If you love being immersed in local nightlife, eateries and art then you may have found your home right here in RiNo.


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