Historic Baker

The historic neighborhood of Baker really starts with a a husband and wife team whose namesake is still prevalent today. You'll notice the name of the library at 7th and Santa Fe as well as a quiet street Byers Place. William and Elizabeth Byers dating back to the year 1859. Then of course just south of Baker another prominent player James Beckwourth who was a former slave settled his land just a year or so following William and Elizabeth.

Today Baker is a vibrant and cohesive neighborhood with many small parks, tree lined streets and many historic homes.
There are special considerations one must consider when moving into a historic district. There are additional layers of approval for everything from Fences to roofs, windows, you name it. If there is a chance your remodel or project will be seen from the exterior of the home, there is a good chance, in addition to the normal zoning you'll need to also have your project looked at from a historic architectural standpoint as well. This layer of protection ensure that homes within the designated historic district retain their neighborhood character. There is a reason so many people love living in Baker today and with the historic designation will hopefully help future generations to continue to enjoy the neighborhood.

There are many bars, restaurants and shops along Broadway, as well as smaller neighborhood shops throughout the neighborhood. Just to the north you'll find another eclectic neighborhood La Alma - Lincoln Park and home of the arts District on Santa Fe.

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