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Welcome to Jefferson Park

Taking center stage in the redevelopment / Affordable Housing debate

Jefferson Park was once 80% Latino and a quiet neighborhood with the namesake Jefferson Park taking center stage. This area has become now center stage in a much broader debate between what our neighborhood once was, what it is today and will we recognize it in the future.

There is a strong sentiment to not become another LoHi. Where there were once Beautiful Victorians and Humble bungalows entire blocks have been scraped as the city of Denver struggles with providing enough housing to handle the growth of the city.

There is a see/saw conundrum on how do we provide affordable housing in a capitalistic model. The more scarce the product, the more valuable it becomes. The basic laws of supply and demand are at play and housing is no different. One only needs to look at Boulder and how the moratorium on denser housing has crippled development and prices have far out-paced Denver leaving many residents no choice but to leave Boulder and look for more affordable alternatives like Broomfield and Louisville.

Then of course preserving the history which tells our story through architecture. These all have important roles throughout the city and Jefferson park today plays a pivotal role as many feel LoHi is no longer recognizable. There is a push to preserve our history in Jefferson Park before it’s too late. That has become a reality with a block of Jefferson Park being the 55th designated historic district with “River Drive Historic District” Comprised of Modest Queen Anne and Terrace type Homes in this newest Historic District.

There is a growing resurgence in the area, with retail shops, coffee houses, pizza joints and Breweries popping up in order to feed the demand as this neighborhood continues its journey. Residents are flocking to Jefferson Park as prices have skyrocketed in the past few years. Home Buyers who are priced out of Capitol Hill, LoDo, RiNo and LoHi, yet still want to be close to the city are finding Jefferson Park as an alternative.

You’ll find plenty of homes for sale in Jefferson Park, Everything from new construction Townhomes to Bungalows for sale from the early 1900’s. There are also Victorian Homes for sale in Jefferson Park Neighborhood.

For an up-to-date list of Homes for sale in Jefferson Park scroll below.

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