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LoHi Townhouses and other Property for Sale in Denver

LoHi – Just one of the many Chapters in the history of Denver’s Northside…

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The story of LoHi really starts with the story of Highlands. The flood of 1864 put the Highlands on the map so to speak. The flood forced many people in the low lying areas to seek higher ground and many made the journey to an area that was found to be elevated from the flood waters and the perfect spot to re-settle.

North Denver has a long history with several different groups and a variety demographics have populated the area and over the years have called North Denver home. LoHi is part of that North Denver history.

LoHi has really stunning property for Sale

Fast forward to today and what LoHi has become to many different people some have lived here for generations others are new and discovering all that LoHi has to offer. Many of the LoHi historic Homes for sale that once overlooked Lower Downtown or “LoDO” as it’s often referred to, have now been scraped and developers along with the city have been pushing for higher density housing as there are more people moving to Denver than we have houses for sale in Highlands to accommodate everyone. The new trend are LoHi condos for sale. Zoning over the years have been utilized to remove older homes and replace them with newer more modern townhouses for sale in LoHi.

In addition to the transformation of the residential homes for sale in LoHi, so too have the commercial landscape continued to cater to the ever-changing demographics to the area. LoHi is a walkable neighborhood in Denver. This is an attribute that is the current trend which looks continue. Millennial’s and baby boomers alike are flocking to Denver’s walkable communities. The food and drink options throughout LoHi are endless. There are fun quirky places like Linger which was once a mortuary space of Olinger where the trendy restaurant and bar “Linger” dropped the “O” yet kept some of the history with fun drink names like corpse Reviver, or the shots served up in large plastic syringes giving a nod to the history of the space. The Denver highlands landscape continues to evolve. There are several surrounding neighborhoods with Sunnyside to the North, Highland / West Highland to the west, Sloan Lake to the south-west and Berkeley to the North-west. Then just over the pedestrian bridge you’ll find LoDo or Lower Downtown to the east of the I-25. Each neighborhood has its own unique feel and attributes. So if you are looking for historic homes for sale in LoHi, or you are looking for more modern townhomes for sale in LoHi, there is something for everyone.

I encourage you to explore all the Denver homes for sale in LoHi under the “Denver Neighborhoods” tab. If you , or someone you know is looking to Buy a home in LoHi or anywhere in Denver Metro, Or you may be asking yourself “is it time to sell my Denver, LoHi home?” Whatever, your situation, Call Ricky Schoonover of Nostalgic Homes 720-688-5110.

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