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Welcome to this week’s Denver Real Estate Hot Topics presented to you by Denver Homes Market. We have spent the last 11 weeks or so writing about some of Denver’s’ most sought after residential neighborhoods. We started with Applewood – The Gateway to the Rockies. We then powered through, as we continue to work our way through each neighborhood highlighted on Denver’s’ premier Hyper-local content real estate website. Next on the list is LoHI or Lower Highlands. The development in Lohi has mostly been where they have scraped older homes and now you’ll find quite a few Townhomes for sale in LoHi.

Last week our focus was on Highland / West Highland – This week we continue the story with a relatively new comer to the next chapter of North Denver – LoHi (Lower Highlands) As the area of North Denver continues its evolution so do the names of neighborhoods evolve.

The story of LoHi is really the story of Highland which in time became North Denver and more recently has reverted back to its roots of Highland with several distinctions along the way as the area continues to grow in popularity

Today we have Sunnyside, Berkeley, Highland, West Highland and of course LoHi. Where you will likely find modern townhouses for sale in Lohi. This entire area really exploded in population as residents of Denver were escaping the flood waters of May 1864. There have been several groups of people to call North Denver home. From the late 1800’s with a large German and Irish Population to the Italians of the early 1900’s to the Latino population that flourished and grew during the mid-1900’s. However, the only constant in the story of Highlands is the constant story of change. As evolution of the area continues and with the huge boost of business development of the 2000’s. The gentrification and development of recent years have created a double-edged sword as prices rise the affordability for the once thriving working class continues to struggle. This may bode well for those who have owned property and have enjoyed the rise in value in their land. However, those who have once enjoyed the lower rents than downtown are now seeing the rents rise and affordability more difficult. Many working class are now looking west and either North towards Westminster and Thornton or to the south to more affordable neighborhoods in Lakewood, Barnum and Harvey Park as Alternatives. However, those areas also are seeing the rise in housing prices.

Today, you will mostly find Flats, Condos and Townhouses for sale in LoHi. Denver Neighborhoods with walkability are some of the most sought after. People enjoy walking to Restaurants, Bars, shops and small offices. The walkability to pretty much everything you need is right here in LoHi. Then you have the 15th street bridge where you can walk from your LoHi Condo, right across the I-25 and into Lower Downtown. (or LoDo as its referred to)

Today as I write this post there are 26 homes for sale in LoHi. Starting out at 315,000 gets you a one bedroom one bath condo of appox 620 sq ft. All the way to a 3 bedroom 3 bath over 3,000 sq foot flat in LoHi for just under 2 million dollars. Click this text to see all the homes currently available in LoHi!!

If you or someone you know is looking for a vibrant place to live with nightlife and shopping nearby, the walkable Denver neighborhood LoHi may just be the perfect spot. For more information on the area or throughout Denver metro please call me direct 720-688-5110. Thank you for reading this week’s Real Estate Hot Topics. Tune in next week as the journey continues with Lakewood. – Ricky Schoonover of Nostalgic Homes.

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