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Talk about a mis-mash of neighborhoods the “Highlands” or North Denver can spark some heated debates as gentrification has taken hold and several neighborhoods do their best to hold onto what they know as home. However, The story of the highlands really date back to 1858 when the area was laid out by William Larimer, Jr. and the Native Arapahoe long before that.

What really put the “highlands” on the map, so to speak was the flood in May of 1864 folks needed to get out of the low-lying areas of Denver proper and seek higher/dryer ground. Thus, Highlands was the logical choice.

Over the years many ethnicities have called “highlands” home from early dating back to the pioneer days and the “Wild West” the Irish had 

a large footprint, seeking gold, to the Italians who brought their brick laying skills in the early 1900’s. (Thus, my lil two bedroom one bath bungalow built in 1910 and still stands tall today) Yes, I live on W. 29th Ave in what is technically known as Sloan Lake. (I’m on the south side of the road and West Highland lies on the north side of the road) Then after world war two in the early 1940’s and 50’s sub-divisions took off as agriculture, commerce and industry flourished and brought people from all walks of life looking to make their way. Many Latino’s moved here seeking work in the agricultural business. Middle class families were often forced by economics’ to move out ward from the city center and find homes in the outlying communities to continue to live and make ends meet.

The Latino community flourished, the Irish were long gone with the bust of the gold rush, the Italian’s held onto what they could and the community was in transition throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today, as you pass through the neighborhoods you will still find many Italian restaurants still serving up many of the staples which help tell the story of North Denver “Highlands”. Then of course from Churches, to restaurants to food trucks to markets there is a strong Latino population that through the 1950’s up until recent years, were the majority demographic in the area. With the gentrification, there is noted tension as the older Denver homes are being demolished and higher density housing is being pushed by the city and pushed back by the residents who see their homes being once again wiped out to make room for the next chapter of Highlands. With newer more modern Denver Highlands townhouses for sale. It’s a mixed bag of younger couples who find charm in the remnants of the areas deep rich culture. Some see these newcomers as a threat while others see the rising home prices as an opportunity to sell their homes and move on to other areas. The push for higher density has not come without it’s challenges yet the community continues to thrive and grow.

Geographically Highland, depending on who you ask, is bounded by Federal Blvd. to the west, the I-25 (and Beyond) to the East, W. 38th Ave. to the North and W. 29th Ave to the South. Then of course we have the new comer to the market with splitting Highland at Zuni to I-25 and calling it LoHi (Lower Highland) West Highland starts with its western border being Sheridan Blvd. Federal on her Eastern border and keeping with W. 29th to the south and W. 38th to the North.

Then you can really go crazy, as over the years’ neighborhoods have worked hard to distinguish themselves from the various styles of homes for sale in Denver Highlands with hyper local grids like Scottish Highlands, Victorian houses for sale in Potter Highlands, Homes for sale near Highland Park and even breaking out Berkeley and Sunnyside to be “Upper-Highlands” Then to really throw you off we have “Highlands Ranch” which is nowhere near Highlands but about 30 minutes to the south.

Bottom line, it’s a wonderful and ever-changing area with an eclectic mix of demographics, and just as eclectic, are the mix of homes with beautiful Victorian homes for sale in Denver or better known as “the painted ladies of Victoria” to the Italian Bungalows, the cute and artistic craftsmen and the California Ranch style homes for sale. More recently, the very modern townhouses that have been cropping up where the land has become more valuable to scrape an old home and build a duplex.

Currently there are 17 homes for sale in Highland/West Highland area. To see all the current listings, click right here. You will find Interactive maps and fun facts about the area as well as current detailed information on Houses for sale in Denver Highlands .

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