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Harvey Park – Denver’s own Mid-Century Modern Enclave

There was once a lucky Harvey It was once the pastureland owned by famed Major Arthur Harvey who had a decorated career with many twists in turns. He served just two years during World War I. He started as a private was promoted to Sergeant. He left the military and went to work in the postal […]

Denver’s own Historic Baker Neighborhood Homes for sale

Hello again and welcome back to our tour of the Denver neighborhoods featured on the Denver Homes Market website. Last week we kicked off this multi neighborhood showcase with the Applewood community. This week, the adventure continues as we journey to the colorful and vibrant community in Denver,  Baker neighborhood homes for sale. Its a beautiful walkable Denver […]

Sell Your Denver Home, Pricing for the real world…

The time has come to sell your Denver home. You have searched Zillow you spoke to your neighbors. (a few of whom recently purchased a home in the community.) You know that your home has a larger corner lot and you put in a new kitchen complete with granite and stainless steel appliances, after you […]

Mortgage Madness… What is the best home loan for me?

Last week our Hot Topics took us through the why’s of finding a lender you trust before you find the home you love. First things first and if you are not an all cash buyer then finding your dream Denver home for sale, just to lose it from not being prepared with a proper plan of […]

Thinking About Buying a Home But Do You Have A Lender?

Finding Lenders before you buy Last week our seller focus took us on a top ten essentials list to selling your Denver home. We learned that it takes a well thought out plan to sell your home. There are many things to consider to getting you the highest selling price in the least amount of time. This […]

So, you have decided on selling your Denver home, Now What?

Are you asking yourself, Am I ready to sell my house in Denver? Last week we covered our Buyer focus in “Do you have what it Takes?”. We detailed and discussed the affordability issue in regards to buying a home in Denver. We also provided an affordability calculator to help you determine how much house […]