Sell Your Denver Home, Pricing for the real world…



time to sell home

time to sell home


The time has come to sell your Denver home. You have searched Zillow you spoke to your neighbors. (a few of whom recently purchased a home in the community.) You know that your home has a larger corner lot and you put in a new kitchen complete with granite and stainless steel appliances, after you moved in 5 years ago.
You seek out a realtor to help you with this process of selling your home. But why? you know what it will sell for. After all you can see the sales prices on line and you spoke to your neighbors. Your home will sell without ever hitting the market for at least 200,000 over the price you bought for 5 years ago.
You call and make the appointment you’re well prepared Realtor arrives with the last 6 months of sales data. They have the active listings, the pending homes, (Under contract working through escrow) and the solds. Homes that have sold within a mile or so of your home. Wait? what? How are homes very near mine on the market for over 60 days? Well, “That one sold but it had issues, it was practically falling down.” These are the types of denial you see when the market such as Denver stalls a bit. So, this brings us to the age old question. “What’s my home worth?” The truth of the matter is your home is worth whatever amount a willing and able buyer will pay. Now, how long you are willing to wait for that buyer (There is constant work and expenses on going while being on the market) In the mean time markets shift and alter according to buyers preference and what they may or may not be looking for.
It’s so important to really digest what’s going on today and the weeks moving forward. Days on Market can kill a home’s selling potential. The home requires careful timing with regards to when the home will hit the market. The staging and landscape determine how the home makes that so very important first impression. So, when selling your home in Denver it’s more important than ever to hire a competent Real Estate Professional you can trust to be brutally honest with you regarding the sale of your home. There is so much information and MISinformation buyers are more informed now than ever. You need to be equally prepared as you go to sell your home. It’s crucial you get the most accurate relevant data. Then pricing accordingly to sell and have a plan in mind of how long you will stay at a certain asking price and recognizing quickly when alterations in that plan are called for.

If you are thinking about selling your Denver home and you want an honest opinion of where your home is and what is needed to get the most money in the least amount of time. Please feel free to call me or shoot me an e-mail.

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