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This week’s Real Estate Hot Topics – Cherry Creek Neighborhood

community of Cherry Creek

Just outside the Cherry Creek Shopping Center

This week the adventure continues. If you have missed any one of the 6 articles so far, please cruise through the archives and check out the various communities featured so far. This week is stop number #7, the popular and ever growing community of Cherry Creek. There are currently 21 neighborhoods featured on and we will highlight each of them as we write a fresh article each week.

The Sweet Life in Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek has quite a history! In recent years it has really been transformed and continues to grow and attract a variety of development projects driving growth and future planning. This makes for a more walkable community of Cherry Creek Denver with everything within a convenient distance.

Geographically speaking, the neighborhood is generally defined by Cherry Creek being to its south border, then you have East 6th Ave to the North, University Blvd on the West side, and lastly Colorado Blvd to the East.

As I mentioned, Cherry Creek has a long history and with it being right here in the center of Denver, you get a good mix of retail streets and more residential with tree lined streets and historic Cherry Creek homes for sale in addition to the new developments of mixed use and condos for sale in Cherry Creek. Getting in and out of the neighborhood is a breeze with major arteries running on all sides as well as Cherry Creek Homes for sale near public transportation to help you get to where you need to go.

One feature that many find useful is the walking / biking path that runs along Speer Blvd and gets you out of the heavy traffic and is popular for both commuters and leisurely strolls along the creek.

Cherry Creek is home the original Tattered Cover Bookstore. Fillmore Plaza has a number of community events throughout the year including, Films on Fillmore in the summer and ice skating in the winter. If you love shopping, and who doesn’t? Cherry Creek has several shopping malls. One of the most notable is the upscale indoor Cherry Creek Shopping Center which anchor’s the neighborhood. There is also the shopping district, with Homes for sale near Cherry Creek North with many retail, food and drink all within walking distance.

Looking for a vintage home for sale in Cherry Creek?

As of the date of this publication, The Cherry Creek neighborhood has 54 Cherry Creek homes for sale,  flaunting a wide variety of styles, price points, and layouts to fit your needs. One standout is the Condo on Adams St. This recent remodel is ready for move in and with an asking price of just 279k for a beautiful one bedroom with 685 est sq ft of living space. Perhaps you need a little more space and privacy. This never before offered Custom Penthouse on Detroit St with 6,599 est sq ft of living space, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms listed at 12,750.00 would be something more to your liking. There are many options,  free to browse all homes for sale exclusively Cherry Creek by clicking here!

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This week’s Real Estate Hot Topic Cheesman Park Neighborhood

Neoclassical Pavilion made possible by funding from the Walter Cheesman family. Cheesman Park

Neoclassical Pavilion made possible by funding from the Walter Cheesman family.

Cheesman Park, an original point of view

Welcome to this week’s Real Estate Hot Topic. We move on this week to the Denver Metro Neighborhood of Cheesman Park Homes for sale. This journey continues as we make our way down the list of unique and special Denver communities featured on

Chessman Park is roughly mapped out by utilizing Downing Street to its West, York Street to the East, Colfax to the North, and finally 8th Avenue on its Southern Border. It was not always that “beautiful neighborhood by the park”. Back in the late 19th century the area was better known as Prospect Hill Cemetery. The cemetery was broken up into specific designations for various religious sects, ethnicities, all organized with segregation in mind. Roman Catholics, Society of Masons, Jewish and an area at the south end for Chinese. Some groups were better funded to keep the grounds and other areas fell into disrepair and ruins unfortunately.

It was not until after long and hard negotiations, deliberations, and strong lobby from Real Estate developers that the city planners finally approved to convert the cemetery on January 25th, 1890. It is now the beautiful park you see today. The transition was not an easy one, nor was it as organized and respectful as it should have been. Families were given 90 days to remove the bodies of their deceased loved ones and re-locate them. As you can imagine the conundrum families were in. With finding a suitable re-location, the amount of money involved to have their loved ones removed, sadly many bodies went unclaimed because people couldn’t afford it. In fact with over 5,000 bodies unclaimed, the city eventually contracted with undertaker E.P McGovern to provide a new coffin for each body and transfer them to the Riverside Cemetery at a cost of $1.90 each. This too became an issue as there were a shortage of caskets at the time and McGovern in an effort to save money and boost his own profits dismantled bodies and placed them into child size coffins. This created chaos and gave way to gravediggers stealing items from the grave sites. Mayor Rogers canceled the contract leading to the city Health Commissioner opening an investigation and finally another contract was awarded elsewhere to clean up the mess.

Beautiful Condos for sale near Cheesman Park

The park was originally going to be named after the U.S. Congress. However, due in large part to the generous donation from the family of Denver Pioneer Walter Cheesman, the funds were used to build the neoclassical pavilion that stands on the eastern side of the park to this day and the park was aptly named Cheesman Park.

The park has gone through many transformations from its original design in 1910. High Street used to run through the park which has now been removed and now grass and trees have been planted. The park used to also have a figure 8 of roads through it, which have also been removed and grass-filled in. The parking structure for the Denver Botanic Gardens have been added. Today Cheesman Park is a host of many events including an annual PrideFest and Aids Walk for the LGBTQ community.

The neighborhood surrounding the Cheesman Park community is one of the oldest in Denver, dating back to 1868 and was annexed by the City of Denver in 1883. By 1915 with the completion of the park came huge revenues for real estate development. Beautiful Mansions were erected. Many consider Cheesman Park part of the neighboring Capitol Hill community.

There is a mix of Cheesman Park condos for sale and yes many  Historic homes for sale in Cheesman Park available. Architectural styles are varied from the late 19th century through early 20th century.  Classical Revival, Mission/Spanish Revival can be found throughout the area.

Cheesman Park condos for sale…

There are plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas. The close proximity to downtown and all that Denver has to offer in this urban setting make it a very sought after community. As of this article being published there are 11 Cheesman Park Homes for sale. Everything from a one bedroom condo listed at 238,000 on Humboldt St. to a single family home also on Humboldt St with 6 bedrooms, 5 full baths nearly 7,000 est sq ft listed for 3,775,000. Search all homes currently available in the neighborhood by clicking here!

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Capitol Hill community of Denver

Denver Story stop #130 in Capitol Hill

Beautiful Dunning-Benedict Mansion at 12th and Pennsylvania

Welcome to this week’s Real Estate “Hot Topics” onto historic Houses for sale in Capitol Hill, as we continue our quest to cover the most sought after residential neighborhoods throughout this wonderful city of Denver. Week by week we are pulling from Denver’s real estate marketplace, Each of the neighborhoods featured on
Last week we embarked on a journey through the wonderful history and lively community of Berkeley.

The Capitol Hill, Community of Denver

Capitol Hill is generally defined by Colfax Ave to its north, 7th Avenue to the South, Downing St to the East and Broadway rounding out its Western border. Many consider Cheesman Park to also be part of Capitol Hill but as you can see on, Cheesman Park is its own little microcosm. The same goes to the north in North Cap Hill which is commonly known as Uptown. So, stay tuned as we will venture into those neighborhoods as well to give you an inside look into what makes each of these communities special.

Capitol Hill is Denver’s most densely populated neighborhood, ever hear of the “Denver Square” or Foursquare Architecture? Click here to check out Foursquare and more. Well the “Denver Square” style was born right here in Capitol Hill and continue to be a very sought out home of today.  Many mansions built back in the 1800’s is still in use today. They have been converted to offices as some zoning rules have been changed to accommodate the changing times yet still allowing for respect of our history by preserving the integrity of the buildings.

Homes for sale in Capitol Hill, Walkability

Looking for a cosmopolitan area with chic bars and clubs? Love being in an area where you can walk to just about anything you might need? You have Cheesman Park. Check out Capitol Hills’ Backyard and Civic Center Park right nearby as well as countless eateries, bars and clubs to enjoy. Ever hear of Wax Trax Records? Click here for history in the making! They might be better known in Chicago. However, you may be surprised to learn the first Wax Trax was opened in 1978 right here in Capitol Hill of Denver by Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher. Later that same year they sold the Denver store and opened up shop in on North Lincoln Ave in Chicago.  Another historic venue in Capitol Hill is the long time bohemian Colburn Hotel Check out the history of this “Hotel with Personality” on Grant St. where Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy spent time at Charlie Browns Bar and Grill during the summer of 1947. They were visiting Carolyn Cassidy who studied art and theater at the University of Denver. Today the Colburn continues to be a bohemian haven with 88 low income units. If you like your subs toasted well Quizno’s originated here in Denver. Right there on Grant and 13th back in 1981. If you get thirsty in the neighborhood there is no shortage of places to eat and drink. Hit up Capitol Hill Tavern or the Fainting Goat Irish Pub. Excellent Irish Pub . Looking for coffee? Duck into Black Eye Cap Hill  Great place with a location in LoHi as well. Where you’ll not only find coffee but a full food menu and craft cocktails. Who doesn’t love Tapas? Some of the best Tapas in Denver can be had at The 9th Door Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant on Lincoln St. Check out the menu.

I can go on all day here about the walkability of Capitol Hill but you get the picture. Urban living, with diversity in housing about as eclectic as the choices in chic shops, Bars, restaurants and clubs. As of this posting we have a 470-est. sq. foot condo on North Sherman St for 115k all the way to a beautiful Capitol Hill condo for sale on Pennsylvania Ave with over 3,000 sq. ft. gorgeous city views and listed at 2,590.00. All in between with a historic Denver Capitol Hill Home for sale on Clarkson with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths listed at 825k. Just simply click this link To see all the homes for sale in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood!

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