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Denver Homes for sale Belcaro Neighborhood


Denvers' Belcaro Community

Large Ranch homes on oversize lots and beautiful tree lined streets in Belcaro

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s Real Estate Hot Topic. We kicked off this series by featuring a different Denver neighborhood each week found on Our first edition was on the community of Applewood. Last week we dove into some details of the community of Baker. Next on the list is the beautiful Denver neighborhood of Belcaro homes for sale.

Belcaro Neighborhood Homes

Belcaro is mostly made up of large ranch style homes for sale, all elegantly placed amongst winding tree lined streets with the center of attention being the Belcaro Homes for sale near the famous Phipps Mansion and beautiful indoor tennis pavilion. This mansion originally built by the late senator Lawrence Phipps (1862-1958) back in the early 1930’s. Phipps served in the senate representing Colorado from 1919 to 1931. Phipps nicknamed the palatial compound “Belcaro” However today it’s widely known as the Phipps Mansion.

The mansion was donated by Mrs. Phipps in 1960’s to the University of Denver. The property was used over the years to host a number of university related events as well as weddings and large private gatherings.  The Mansion is situated at 3400 Belcaro Dr. The University of Denver sold the property in December 2010 to Tim Gill of The Gill Foundation and his entrepreneur husband Scott Miller for approx. 9 million dollars. They have been in renovation since restoring the property to its former glory.

Belcaro present day

The neighborhood “Belcaro” also known to many as Bonnie Brae area is generally defined by Cherry creek and Alameda Ave. to its north, S. Colorado Blvd to the east, S. University to the west and E. Mississippi Ave. along the southern border. There are some wonderful gems located nearby such as the Bonnie Brae Tavern Click here to read up the colorful history of this local joint Serving up the best local pizza since June 6th, 1934 and a relatively newcomer, Voted BEST Ice Cream Shop of 2016 by Colorado Parent Magazine  Bonnie Brae Ice cream shop serving up house made ice cream since 1986. If you have a hankering for sushi look no further than Osaka Sushi. Located in the Belcaro Shopping center. They offer up a “Bronco Roll” as well as some more traditional sushi and Sake. They also have a full bar with a nice selection of Japanese beer to choose from for your sake bombs.

There are currently 17 Belcaro Homes for sale listed in the local Denver MLS map search for Belcaro. They range in price anywhere from 2.6 million for a home of nearly 5,500 sq. feet in the Polo Club Subdivision to 749,000 for a single-story ranch of approx. 4,000 sq. feet. The homes in Belcaro tend to have a lower than average turnover rate. The higher end homes particularly have been hit hard as affordability continues to be an issue and home prices climb. That being said if you want a large lot and some space to breathe with beautifully landscaped yards, Belcaro is just the place to call home.

Historic Houses for sale in Belcaro

If you are currently in the market for a home in the Denver Metro area or just thinking about it. Please feel free to give me a call 720-688-5110 or shoot me an e-mail. I would be happy to discuss your particular needs in a home. Denver housing market is as diverse as the friends and neighbors who live here. I’m sure we can find the right neighborhood with the perfect home to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Denver’s own Historic Baker Neighborhood Homes for sale



Wall Mural dedicated to Baker Neighborhood

Wall Mural dedicated to Baker Neighborhood

Hello again and welcome back to our tour of the Denver neighborhoods featured on the Denver Homes Market website. Last week we kicked off this multi neighborhood showcase with the Applewood community. This week, the adventure continues as we journey to the colorful and vibrant community in Denver,  Baker neighborhood homes for sale. Its a beautiful walkable Denver neighborhood with a rich history dating way back to the early 1800’s. However throughout the years it has experienced significant periods of development, growth and redevelopment. Condos for sale in Denver’s Baker Neighborhood as well as the ever Popular Half duplexes with private yard for sale in Baker are becoming more scarce so If you are in the market for a home in Baker do not delay in contacting me.

William N. Byers along with John Dailey, whom our quaint city park Dailey Park gets its name from, produced the first of many issues of the Rocky Mountain News back in 1859. This paper eventually merged in 2001 with the Denver Post. A bitter and colorful rivalry continued under a contentious joint-operating agreement until finally in 2009 when Rocky Mountain News printed its last issue.

Baker, which was officially designated a Historic District in 2000, is generally defined geographically with 6th ave as the north border, W. Mississippi to the south then Broadway to the east. I-25 and the Platte River run along the western border.

If you are thirsty then Baker is the place to be. There are several local joints to wet your whistle at. We have tours at Stranahan’s Distillery who offers tours of the distillery for only 11.00 and you get to taste some of the whiskey. It includes your own little shot glass souvenir. I recently took a tour myself and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If beer is more your thing then still, the Baker neighborhood does not disappoint. You have Heavenly Daze brewery, Black Sky and TRUE Brewery just to name a few options.

If you are hungry do not to fear. There are some fun unique options as well as some local favorites like Santiago’s for a quick bite and the “Faithfully Authentic” Colorado green chili experience.  Then you have White Whale Room. It features a full bar with some interesting drink options as well as sammies and salads. Looking for a fresh eclectic take on bar food and elevated drink menu? Then check in to Sputnik.They offer a variety of vegetarian options within their great menu.

Homes for sale in Baker near public transportation? No problem, Baker has convenient bus routes and two light rail stations with discussions on getting another one closer to the residential areas however you have Alameda and then further to the south you have S. Broadway station.

Baker boasts many art and glass galleries and at the design district, be sure to check out the rotating installations at Space gallery and RULE Gallery. Did you get a tattoo in your younger years and have ink remorse? Check out INK-B-Gone for precision laser tattoo removal. Shopping is also easy in Baker. Not only are the unique boutique stores and shops peppered throughout the community always close, you can also have the staples with grocery stores and big box retailers like Home Depot, Safeway and K-mart just to name a few.

The real estate market in Baker is strong. There is a desire to be Houses for sale close to Denver with ample shopping in a walkable neighborhood Baker delivers on that current trend to live work and play all within a few miles. The commute to all that Denver has to offer is just to the north. Baker boasts a great variety of homes however  ,most notably, the neighborhood hosts the most Queen Anne homes in Denver. If you have any curiosities regarding these beautiful historic Denver homes for sale in Baker, contact me today.

Please refer to the above chart displaying the recent real estate market trends for the median price of homes in Baker’s zip code, 80204. You’ll see that over the past year inventory and prices go hand in hand. As inventory goes down, there is a month or two of lag as contracts close and then the market reacts with prices rising accordingly with the drop of available homes. However in the last month or two you can see where inventory is decreasing along with prices also continuing to decrease. This is due to our seasonal volume lull as we move into the holiday season. This is a good sign of a healthy market. There is a direct correlation to inventory and prices and Baker holds that balance very well.

The fed’s keep talking about raising the interest rates and that will do two things for the market. One it will make borrowing money more expensive, that will then force home prices to either stall or even drop. This is good news particularly if you have a large down payment saved or paying all cash and can side step the banks. You can take advantage of the lower home prices and not having to pay the higher interest rates. This is where you coin the term “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” If you are struggling to come up with the higher down payment not to fear you too can take advantage of the lower home prices but we’ll need to work with our mortgage partners and get a little more creative to help you also take advantage of the lower home prices of they come to fruition. If you are thinking of a community that is city close with many shopping options within walking distance, the Baker community is worth a look. Give me a call directly at 720-688-5110 or you can visit This special Baker Neighborhood page which features all homes currently for sale in Baker specifically.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Real Estate Hot Topic. Next week we continue our Denver tour and will take an in-depth look at the beautifully tree lined streets and the Phipps Mansion in the neighborhood of Belcaro.





Thinking Denver? Why consider the community of Applewood?


 Maple Grove Reservoir in Applewood

Beautiful Maple Grove Reservoir in Applewood


The Outdoors are waiting with Ranch Style homes for sale in Applewood

This week we dive into what will be a series of posts showcasing Denver. Each week we will focus on the recent activity in each of the specific neighborhood searches found on under the ‘Denver Neighborhoods’ tab. The first on the list is the community of Applewood. Before we get into the numbers on the graph way down there, let’s discuss why Applewood? I mean why, out of all the wonderful places that Denver has to choose from, why consider moving to Applewood? Well that all depends on what you consider important to you and where you want to live.

Not too close or too far

If you love being close to the city of Denver but not too close to a heavy population, this is the ideal location for you to buy a home for sale near Denver. If you love parks and recreation ,click here for the top Parks and forests near Applewood and, if you love hiking and biking trails look no further than right here and review the various hiking trails in the area. Looking for Homes for sale with mountain views. It is needless to say that if you love the outdoors, finding a home in Applewood should be your priority. You might think with all the open space, wilderness and being “The Gateway to The Rockies” , that you’ll spend an hour getting to the always active Downtown Denver. Well, you might be surprised there are a couple different routes to get you to downtown. (via the I-70 or take US-6) Applewood is less than 15 miles out from downtown’s’ Union Station. So, with the commute and the distance from downtown addressed what else? What other reasons to consider houses for sale in Applewood? You may want to check out some of the eateries, bars and shopping. The community page on Facebook might have some insight for you. check out the Applewood community’s Facebook page for yourself.

Houses for sale in Applewood near Denver?

Now the Applewood neighborhood may be on your radar as a place to call home near Denver. So, let’s look at some of the real estate stats.

Ok, great a bunch of lines! What does all this mean to  a home buyer or home seller in the 80215 area code. The red line represents the selling price while the gold line speaks to the Inventory. As the inventory goes down, soon after the prices will begin to rise. Conversely, as the the inventory rises you”ll notice that there is a delay before the prices start to drop. (I call this the seller denial delay) There is a period of time even after the inventory has risen to a high level where sellers are in denial of where the market actually is. Many times we figure if our neighbors bought a house a few months back and they paid a certain price, then our home is almost certain to be worth thousands more. However, if you read the chart you will see that seller denial. Look at May of this year for a perfect example. You’ll see that in late April / early May the inventory was quite high but the prices took another month or so to start falling. Then when word hit the street they plunged, the prices went from roughly 475k to about 290K as a median price. Now, does that mean that the same house that sold in April for 475K is worth 290K in July? Not necessarily and not in this case. What this does show is the trend. That’s what I want to you to focus in on. Do not get too tied up with the actual numbers but look at the trends and the delays in the prices rising and falling in relation to inventory throughout the year. The homes that were sold in April in large part were simply more expensive homes being sold (on average) compared to the homes that were sold during July.

On the flip side

Now, you can also flip this chart and look at the prices and what might be considered “Buyer’s Denial”. When inventory is very low there is not much by way of Denver homes for sale on the market. That delay of in price rise suddenly erupts as multiple buyers start competing for the same homes. The prices, after a lull, will sharply start to rise as escrows start closing and the actual sales prices start to present themselves. As we close out this year you see Applewood has a healthy housing market. Inventories rise and fall as seller’s put their homes on the market and new construction projects come to completion. Prices, although fluctuating, are showing healthy volume and good correlation to inventory.

In Short

Applewood is a community that is away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver and away from the traffic, yet close enough to be have homes for sale with convenient commute. There is a small yet active business community with eateries and bars along with a bowling alley nearby. Outdoor activities abound with Golf, fishing, hiking etc. Our Real Estate website is designed to allow you to search all homes for sale in Applewood and others active on the MLS in specific neighborhoods. If you want to search the area for available homes you can search our listings of  the Applewood community here..

Next week we will cover in detail the community of Baker and all that is great about living in the walkable neighborhood of Baker. In the mean time if you have any questions or need help with buying or selling a home in Denver Metro please call or shoot me an e-mail. 720-688-5110 or